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Why we’ve chosen to generate the temporary email names

As you have noticed, the myTempEmail team, at http://mytemp.email, we only provide temporary email addresses generated by us and we do not allow our users to choose their own custom email address.

We will try to explain in this article why we have chosen this functionality and why we would not implement what some of our users asked for: the possibility to choose their own temporary email addresses (maybe just a workaround).

Important Note! This article refers to the username of the email address, NOT the domain name of the temporary emails.

First of all, this is a temporary email service, it should not matter what your email address is because the the data is volatile and it gets deleted after a certain amount of time. At least this is how we see things. Of course there can be use-cases/flows in which it’s important to have your custom email and of which we do not know about, so please feel free to drop a comment about it and we will analyze and discuss it.

Furthermore, we believe that users who want a custom email address like: office@mytemp.email, admin@mytemp.email, postmaster@mytemp.email, do not want to use our service for the purpose of defeating spam, we feel it’s exactly the opposite, they would use it to send spam or for phishing purposes. In the end, if you are a user who wants to generate your own custom email, what would be the purpose of it (please comment below)?

Secondly, our service is focused on privacy and security. Therefore, we take responsibility for the fact that an email address is used by only 1 user ( the one who requested a temporary email) and this email is protected by a key, which is only known by this user. Of course, it’s up to the user how he manages the url (which contains the key) and if he wants to share it with others. Access to the inbox can only be done through the full url and not just simply by using the email address.

Therefore, if we allow users to create their own email addresses, we can no longer guarantee the security of a temporary inbox. Anybody would be able to verify the incoming emails on admin@mytemp.email and this is not an acceptable case from our point of view.

Last, but not least, as an acceptable solution, there would be the possibility of users pre-indexing their email address with their custom string, like:

syntax: [userString][dot][generated_temporary_email]

ex: if the temporary email generated by mytemp.email is: abc@mytemp.email, in this inbox the emails coming from the address below can be received as well:



Now it only depends on the users if this would be an acceptable solution and if it’s worth implementing. In order to find out and maybe even discover different approaches, we encourage you to comment on this article, your input will be appreciated.